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Messed In Squares
Messed In Squares


Maeine here. Let me share to you though, that’s the one and only name that I have. Apparently my mother’s a bit frugal in creating names. But on the brighter side, I considered her a bit inventive, branding her own daughter with an exclusive name.
Actually, I am named after “MAINE”, a state in USA since when she gave birth to me my father was destined in that place to work. And without any idea why she put an “e” on my name, well let’s just leave the reason behind it to her.

I’m 20 years old, born and raised in the beautiful island of Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines. Where tourists usually visit because of the primary attractions, the beautiful and fine beaches. There are also a lot of hotel and resorts in my place that are surely the best place to ease and relieve stress.

Moving on. Growing up with two older brothers, I can say that I’m not that of a girly girl. I’m into guy’s stuff and occasionally have my unruly moments.

My close friends, family and people I even met the first timecan prove it to you though. HAHAHA

I graduated from University of San Jose Recoletos with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication. Stereotyped to studying the principles and ethics  in journalism, and working someday as a reporter, journalist, news anchor and such, it’s actually not the ideal work I’m into now.

Well, I really wanted to try a lot of things in my life before i decided to finally settle down. Those things that would somehow satisfy my thirst for new adventures and self-awakening experiences. Well yeah ! Life’s so wonderful just as we make the best out of things.

Well there are really a lot of things for you to know about me. YES!  Tickety-boo all the way

Thanks for dropping by and I do hope we could hang out sometimes.